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Durban: WindNet

Last Page Update: 2018-01-22 19:40
Last Data Update: 2018-01-22 19:35

Summary,   All stations,   Durmarine Building,   Container Terminal Pier 2,   SA Navy Base,   Durban South Breakwater
                                           Port Shepstone Lighthouse,   Tugela River Mouth


Station Date/time Wind Speed Wind Direction Battery Voltage
Durmarine Building 18/01/22 19:35
7.3m/s, 14.1kn
40 deg, NE
Container Terminal Pier 2 18/01/22 19:35
7.8m/s, 15.1kn
46 deg, NE
SA Navy Base 18/01/22 19:50
6.2m/s, 12.1kn
39 deg, NE
Durban South Breakwater 18/01/22 19:35
7.4m/s, 14.3kn
39 deg, NE
Port Shepstone Lighthouse 18/01/22 19:45
9.6m/s, 18.7kn
36 deg, NE
Tugela River Mouth 18/01/22 19:55
8.8m/s, 17.0kn
71 deg, ENE

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